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Kegger At The White House And We're All Invited

Happy HumpDay!!

Happy HumpDay!

Happy HumpDay! INSTAGRAM! INSTAGRAM! INSTAGRAM! Most HumpDay readers don't even realize that we have an Instagram that features pictures to go along with each week's newsletter. If you need some more reading material, check out the HumpDay website at and follow the official HumpDay Instagram!


Anyone who has ever touched a stove top or a clothes iron has learned an important lesson. Don’t touch things that are hot! This simple lesson that most of us learned the hard way is essential to our safety. So, if we all know not to touch something that is hot? Why can some people put their hands in molten lead and not feel any pain?

Check out the videos linked below to see lunatics who are dunking their hands in liquid lead that is more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. These idiots can touch something so hot because of a phenomenon called the Liedenfrost effect.

Before touching the molten lead, these people are dunking their hand in cold water. When they put their wet hands in the hot lead, the water instantly evaporates. The steam that is created when the water evaporates surrounds the person’s hand and creates an instant layer of. The layer of steam absorbs all of the heat from the molten lead and the hand not feel any pain or sustain any damage. Basically, these people are creating a steam shield that makes them impervious to getting burned.

Maybe if someone created a suit that protected us with a steam shield we could have the worlds first superhero. SteamMan? Lidenfroster? Boiled Water Boy?

Man Puts Hand In Molten Lead (Watch This One!)

Mythbusters Explains The Liedenfrost Effect


Ozzy Osbourne once demanded that a concert venue has a brandy glass full of brown m&ms waiting for him when he showed up to play. Most people hear that and think that Ozzy was being a bit of a diva but in reality, he was pulling a pretty sneaky trick to ensure his own safety.

Setting up a stage for a massive rock concert is not an easy thing. There are hundreds of cables and lights all suspended carefully over the bands head. If anything is wrong with the stage or lighting the band might suffer a horrible accident.

In the 1970’s, smaller concert venues were notorious for these types of accidents and bands were in danger night after night. To ensure that the stage was secure, bands would send instructions to the concert venue on how to set up everything properly. Problem was, the venues weren’t following the instructions and accidents continued to happen.

In order to be sure that the concert venue read through the instructions, some bands would put add weird requests that would tip them off that the rules weren’t followed. By requesting a brandy glass full of brown M&Ms, Ozzy knew right away that the venue read the instructions because he would see the M&Ms in his dressing room. If the M&Ms weren’t in his dressing room, Ozzy wouldn’t go on. This trick was widely used by rock bands and forced concert venues to read the instructions carefully or else the band wouldn’t play.

The venue owners should have listened to their middle school teachers and ALWAYS read the instructions carefully

Wayne’s World 2 Ozzy Story

M&M Character Bios


If you are a long time HumpDay reader you may remember our newsletter on the many duels that President Andrew Jackson participated in and the legacy of destruction that he left behind. Not only was Andrew Jackson one of America’s most dangerous leaders, he was also one of the hardest partying presidents.

On March 4th, 1829 Andrew Jackson was inaugurated as the 7th president of the United States. Jackson’s inauguration was the first to take place at the US Capitol building and drew a crowd of over 20,000 people. At the inauguration, Jackson took the stage and the giant crowd erupted with applause that was so loud it was reported to have shaken the windows of the capitol building. After Jackson’s brief inaugural address, the crowd was so excited that they broke through the barriers and stormed the stage.

After being sworn in, Jackson planned to hold a post-inauguration reception for the public on the White House lawn. The reception soon grew out of hand when the mob of 20,000 people swarmed the White House. Reports say that wild Jackson supporters were climbing the walls of the White House and breaking in through the windows.

The mob proceeded to throw an insane party at the house of the most powerful man in the country. They ransacked the White House, stole souvenirs, and dressed up in the president’s finest clothes. All of the food and alcohol that was purchased for the party was consumed by the crowd and the wild crowd soon became a drunken mob. The crowd got so rowdy that Jackson was forced to sneak out of a window and flee to safety in a nearby hotel.

In order to protect the white house, officials enticed the crowd to move to the White House lawn by bringing out barrels of whiskey and bowl of ice cream. The mob eventually drank all the whiskey and got so drunk that they slowly lost energy and went home. There was no lasting damage to the white house but the population of Washington D.C. must have had a collective hangover the next day.

The 7th president of the United States threw a Project X style rager that nearly destroyed one of America’s most popular national landmarks. Politics in the 1800’s were so much more interesting than today.

This Week in History

On this week in 1521, Spanish conquistadores conquered the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan and captured the Aztec emperor Cuauhtemoc. The Aztec capital which was located near present day Mexico City had been the seat of power for the Aztec empire for hundreds of years. After the conquistadores lead by Herman Cortes captured the city, they leveled it to the ground. The fall of Tenochtitlan signaled the end of the Aztec empire and ushered in a reign of terror that spread throughout the Yucatan peninsula.

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