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Welcome to the launch of the HumpDay newsletter, your source for stories and stuff to get you through the rest of your week.

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Each Wednesday the HumpDay newsletter shares headlines, stories, and trivia to break up the work week and introduce our readers to something new. Every section has a blurb about the topic as well as links to related topics to keep the fun going for the rest of the week.


This week there are some droopy faced bull dogs and buckeyes going nuts as a group of former coaches, athletic directors, and reporters chose the four teams that will play in the CFB Playoff.

FBS bowl season begins this Saturday and football fans will be treated to three weeks of oddly named bowl games before anything important happens. It’s a time for degenerate gamblers to put their faith in teams that no one has ever heard off to pass the time rather than celebrating the holidays with their families.

College Football Playoff Predictions

History of the BCS

Sports Trivia- This week is the 119th Army-Navy football game. Since the match began in 1890, which team has won the commander-in-chief’s trophy more?


The Cloud. The source of all celebrity hacked photos and the thing that your iPhone is always trying to back up. But what is it?

The term “the cloud” refers to cloud computing which is a service for storing software and data securely over the internet by renting access to someone else’s’ servers. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have servers located all over the world and they rent storage space on those servers to companies and individuals.

Why is it a big deal? Cloud computing is a flexible solution that allows access to software and data from anywhere in the world on any device. For example, if your iPhone is destroyed, your photos will still be can be recovered from the cloud servers on your replacement phone. The cloud is making data more accessible and more secure. Its good stuff.

35 Fascinating Facts About Cloud Computing

Other Interesting Cloud Facts

Tech Trivia- Between Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, which company has the largest market share of the cloud computing industry?


With the winter gearing up, the weather is getting colder and everyone could use a little pick me up that will warm you up from the inside out.

Try this simple and delicious recipe

8 Servings I 185 Calories /Serving I 45 Min Cook Time

This Week in History

On December 3rd, 1967 a South African man named Louis Washkansky was the first person to successfully receive a heart transplant. In an operation lasting 6 hours, Louis’ heart was replaced with a heart from an organ donor who was pronounced brain dead. The doctors were able to bring Louis back to consciousness after surgery completing the milestone procedure. Unfortunately, the South African died 18 days after the surgery due to pneumonia that he contracted in the hospital.

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Trivia- Sports: Navy 60-51-7 Tech: Amazon 41.5% Market share

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