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Happy New Year from HumpDay!!

The Holidays with HumpDay?

So long 2018, hello 2019! HumpDay's first newsletter of the new year and its already off to a slow start. Oh well, better late than never! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!

World Cultures

Are you moving slow this week? Did the New Year’s Eve celebration wear you out and make you feel like a shell of yourself? Well good news! Below are 3 amazing hangover cures!!….

Well... unfortunately, there isn’t really such a thing as a hangover cure. Although that hasn’t stopped people from coming up with crazy concoctions to try and cure the Sunday scaries. Below are 3 of the craziest hangover cures from around the world. Do not try these at home…. unless your really hurting then, why not?

Puerto Rico

Before a night on the town in San Juan, Puerto Rican drinkers have a pregame ritual that they say prevents them from getting hungover. Prior to drinking, men and women in Puerto Rico will slice a lemon and rub their armpits with it like they were putting on deodorant. They claim that rubbing lemon on their armpits prevents dehydration and also provides a refreshing citrus scent.


Hangovers often make people’s stomach hurt and for some people the sight of any food is enough to make them queasy. Well, drinkers with sensitive stomachs should avoid partying on the Italian island of Sicily where the locals partake a vomit inducing hangover food. After a night out, Sicilians eat beef jerky to revitalize themselves and restore their vitality. Only thing is… the beef jerky is actually dried bull penis.

Word of advice, never drink with a Sicilian when dried bull penis is on the line.


The Irish are world renowned for their whisky and their drinking prowess. Surely, a country whose funeral traditions include a bar full of people getting black out drunk will know a thing or two about hangovers right? Well maybe they do.

For the Irish, there are only two hangover cures. If you can stomach more drinking, A drop of the cure “drink more” will set you right… for a while. If you need the permeant fix to help you through the toughest of days, the Irish will tell you to ask your friends to bury you up to your neck in wet river sand. Sounds like a nice relaxing day at the beach but in the cold, harsh climate of Ireland wet river sand is more like taking an ice bath. The Irish swear by it but good luck trying to buy some Irish river sand on Amazon.

Chemistry of a Hangover

Chef’s Choice for Hangover Food


Have you ever imagined piloting a space ship across the galaxy and flying through a black hole only to emerge in some far-off land filled with wonders that no one has ever seen before? Well think again because the experience may not be as enjoyable as you think. So, what is a black hole really?

To answer that question you first need to consider gravity. Gravity is the natural phenomenon that brings all things with mass (made up of stuff) or energy toward each other. In short, the more mass you have the more attractive you are (take that people with weight loss New Year’s resolutions!). By knowing how gravity and mass are related you can now understand what a black hole is and how they are created.

A black hole begins with a giant star that is more than 10 times the size of our sun. The star burns gas and emits heat and light just like our sun does but, once it runs out of gas to burn the star begins to collapse in on itself. As the star collapses it collects more and more mass and as we know, the more mass the more gravity. The added mass creates a higher force of gravity which then attracts even more mass until the collapsed star has become so large that nothing can get away from it. Eventually the collapsed star becomes so big that even light can’t escape it’s gravitational pull making it appear like a dark spot in space or “a Black Hole”.

So what would happen if you fell into a black hole? Well scientists aren’t too sure but they do have two possible scenarios. In the first scenario, once you enter the black hole the front of your body will be subject to more gravity than the back of your body due to being a few inches closer to the center of the black hole. In effect, your body will be stretched out until you are reduced to a string of atoms and condensed until you are infinitely small. In scenario two, you will be greeted by a wall of fire once you enter the black hole. Either way, not good.

Weirdly Satisfying Merging of Two Black Holes

Wormhole vs Black Hole

This Week in History

This week in 1924 the world famous sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was uncovered in the tomb nearly 2 years after the tomb was opened. Although the reign of King Tut was not very notable, his sarcophagus had remained undisturbed by grave robbers for nearly 3000 years. The solid gold case that held the mummy of king tut is now synonymous with child pharaoh and can be seen in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo or on tour around the world.

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