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HumpDay While We Are Away- Week 1

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Happy HumpDay!!

HumpDay On Holiday!

Happy HumpDay! Ready for the weekend? Reminder!!! This week and next HumpDay is on vacation! We know our vacation doesn't make getting through the week any easier for our readers so we wanted to get some content out while we are away. Hope this abridged newsletter helps you get through the week! If this newsletter isn't enough to get you through to Sunday night, check out the HumpDay website here and read all of the issues of the HumpDay Newsletter.


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*Disclaimer* HumpDay does not condone or promote violence against animals

A long-time reader and friend of the newsletter wrote in with a simple question, “Who would win in a fight, a lion or a gorilla?”. This battle between two of the animal kingdoms strongest and fiercest foes will never actually occur in the wild since lions live in the grasslands of Africa while Gorillas live in the mountains but, as a review of each animals’ strengths and weaknesses, we can estimate which beast would win. We are going to breakdown this battle in four categories, Physicality, offense, defense, and the wildcard.

Physicality is a measure of the physical size and strength of each animal. Both the Gorilla and the lion weigh in around 500lbs with the lion having a slight size advantage with its 7-foot-long body compared to the gorillas 6-foot height. The lion also has the speed advantage reaching 50 mph compared to the gorillas 20 mph. The one physical area that the gorilla beats the lion in is stamina. Lions attack quickly but get tired very fast, gorillas can sustain peak physical activity much longer which may come in handy if this battle goes the distance.

Offensively, the Gorilla and lion both have huge fangs. The gorilla’s are used to intimidate other males and chew through tree bark but they aren’t super useful in a fight. The lion’s fangs are meant to rip flesh off their prey and their long claws are a deadly addition to its offensive arsenal. Unlike the Gorilla, the lion’s paws are always on the ground. With its upright gate, the gorilla has the use of its two hands. With those hands, the gorilla can grab other animals and can throw objects that weigh up to 900lbs.

Defensively, the lion has a mane of thick fur that is used to shield its neck from bites from other lions. Similarly, the gorilla has thick fur that helps defend it but not from something as strong and sharp as a bite from a lion.

Last but not least is the wildcard. For the lion, its unique advantage is its incredible stealth abilities. Lions sneak silently through the tall African grasses and pounce on their unsuspecting prey, bringing down animals much larger than they are. The gorilla’s wildcard skill is its intelligence. Gorillas are considered some of the smartest animals in the world and that intelligence provides them the ability to use simple tools. A gorilla could enter the battle swinging a tree branch like a club.

All things considered, its time to pick a winner. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where both animals can win but we need to pick an overall winner. So, without further ado, the winner is... the gorilla! Given the element of surprise, the lion’s superior offensive skills would allow it to win but in a head to head battle, the use of its hands, throwing ability and access to tools give the gorilla a distinct advantage. The gorilla would likely grab and slam lion when it gets the chance. The lions thick fur won’t save it from being thrown 10 feet in the air like a ball of pizza dough. Tools allowed skinny humans to escape the food chain, so their effectiveness can’t be denied. Bringing a baseball bat sized branch or 200lbs rock to this animal street fight will give the gorilla a significant advantage.

To reiterate, violence against animals is a disgusting thing and should never be for people’s amusement but, looking at the incredible physical abilities that allow these animals to thrive in the wild is fascinating.

This Week in History

On this week in 1945, a spontaneous holiday was celebrated in both America and the United Kingdom. The holiday was known as V-E Day which stands for Victory in Europe Day. On this day in 1945, German soldiers across Europe laid down their weapons bringing an end to World War II in Europe. The war continued on in the Pacific until September 2nd on V-J Day (Victory in Japan). The first V-E day was a world-wide celebration that marked the end of six years of brutal war.

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