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Happy HumpDay!!

Happy HumpDay!

Happy HumpDay! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week! Sports fans have a lot to look forward to with the Women's World Cup underway, the Stanley Cup in a game 7, and the NBA finals nearing the finsih. If you're not into sports, then at least you have another week's worth of HumpDay facts to carry you through to the weekend. If you haven't already, check out the new website at HumpDayNewsletter.com and follow the official HumpDay Instagram!


If you have ever held a conversation with someone who is not from the same place as you, you know that it can sometimes be difficult to decipher their accent. The different ways that people talk can cause miscommunication and frustration, but it is not a problem that is unique to human-kind, Goats have accents too.

Researchers from the University of London studied the calls of newborn goats over the course of their life span. When the goats are young they have a unique call, but as they grow older their calls change to match the way the other goats in their herd sound. The adult goats within a herd will all sound similar, but the herd as a whole will sound very different from other herds. The difference in calls between herd makes it so that goats have great difficulty socializing and interacting with goats from different herds because they aren’t familiar with their accents.

Researchers believe that these goat accents are used to signify membership in a herd. A goat with a different accent is seen as an outsider and will not be welcomed among the herd. The accents help goats organize themselves into small social organizations that allow groups of goats to stick together and protect each other.

Next time you go to a petting zoo and see two goats calling to each other you can imagine two people from different parts of the world trying to figure out what the hell the other is trying to say.

Fainting Goats

Sexiest Accents in the World


Last Thursday marked the 78th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, also known as D-Day. The invasion of Normandy was the largest military operation in history and marked a pivotal turning point in World War II. What most people don’t know is that the invasion of northern France was successful thanks to some ingenious trickery on the part of the Allied forces.

Prior to D-Day, the German army readied themselves for an invasion coming from the allied forces stationed across the English Channel in England. They knew that the allied forces were going to attack but they weren’t sure where, when, and with what amount of strength. Suddenly, German officers began intercepting radio transmissions from American and British forces discussing the location of the invasion force and the weaponry that would be used in the invasion.

German airplanes flew reconnaissance missions over the area where the invasion force was supposed to be stationed and what they saw amazed and terrified them. The German planes saw a force of thousands of soldiers, hundreds of tanks, and columns of trucks and airplanes that had the potential to destroy the German forces. Acting quickly, the German commanders called for reinforcements and prepared for a massive invasion in the French town of Calais located directly across from where they saw the Allied forces stationed. But, the allies didn’t invade Calais, they invaded just north of there in Normandy.

It turns out that the massive forces that the German pilots saw stationed in England was all just an elaborate decoy meant to throw off the enemy. The British had concocted a scheme where they hired artists to create real looking inflatable tanks, trucks, and airplanes that would make the allied forces seem much larger than they were. The allies also dressed the villagers in the area in military uniforms to make it seem like there was an entire army of soldiers waiting to attack.

This clever trick caused the Germans to commit nearly all of their forces to the wrong area of France, making them vulnerable to a sneak attack in Normandy. The success of D-Day allowed the allied forces to gain a foothold in Europe and lead to their victory in WWII.

The fall of the Nazi party and the victory for the Allies can attributed to some balloons painted like tanks and some sneaky tactics that allowed the Allies to outsmart their enemy.

The Ghost Arm

Saving Private Ryan- D Day Scene

Crime & Punishment

Yellowstone National Park is a 3,500 square mile wildlife sanctuary that contains lush forests, dramatic canyons, and explosive volcanic geysers but, it also contains an amazing legal loophole that makes any crime legal.

The national park was founded in 1872 on land that is mostly in modern day Wyoming with small portions of the park extending into neighboring Montana and Idaho. The park is federal land and per the constitution all federal land is overseen by the state that is resides in. In Yellowstone’s case, the state of Wyoming has legal jurisdiction over the entire park including the portions in Idaho and Montana. This interesting legal arrangement effectively gives Wyoming jurisdiction in other states territory and creates a dangerous loophole that could be used to get away with murder.

According to the 6th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, people accused of a crime have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. The 6th amendment states that the jury must come from both the state and district where the crime happened. This makes for some interesting legal cases in the areas of Yellowstone that fall in other states, in particular, the portion in Idaho.

The 50 square mile portion of Yellowstone located in Idaho is technically part of the Wyoming federal district. If someone was to commit a murder in the Idaho portion of Yellowstone they would be entitled to a trial by their peers who both live in Idaho and also live in the district of Wyoming. That limits the jury pool to just the people who live in this small area of Yellowstone. The problem is… no one lives there.

Because there no one lives in the small area that falls under both Idaho & Wyoming’s jurisdictions, there is no one to sit on a jury and therefore, according to the constitution, there is no one who can convict someone of a crime. The lack of people to form a jury effectively makes all crime is legal in that small area of the country because there is no one to hold criminals accountable for their actions. This area of Yellowstone is known as the “Zone of Death” because of this legal loophole but fortunately there have been no reported murders in this part of the park.

If you are interested in organizing a Purge-like event, you might want to consider hosting it in the zone of death. That way there are no repercussions for anything you do.

This Week in History

On this day in 1994, the gruesome murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman occurred igniting a media and legal frenzy that captivated the nation. Nicole’s ex-husband, OJ Simpson, was a hall of fame football player, actor, and socialite who was much beloved by the public. He was later charged with the murder of his ex and her friend Ron Goldman which lead to a slow speed car chase in a white Ford Bronco and a fascinating criminal trial that was riddled with scandal and is still discussed today. The murders on this day 25 year ago sparked conversations about race relations, police violence, and the justice system that are still debated today.

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